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Thank you for making Bridgercare possible. Your support empowers individuals to choose if and when to start a family.  You keep teens in school and help college students graduate,  You create a safe place for LGBTQ patients.  You improve lives.  You give health and education.  You let people know they matter.  Read more about your impact here.  


Double your impact by supporting our new clinic! All donations matched by one generous Bridgercare supporter.

Donation Break Down:

$10 Buys 50 condoms

$32 Buys one month of birth control pills

$64 Covers 2 STI tests

$104 Helps a new patient visit Bridgercare

$164 Covers an annual exam for a woman age 18-39

$250 Covers a Puberty Workshop

$500 Buys contraceptive rings for 1 woman for 1 year

$750 Covers a cervical cancer biopsy for a women

$1,000 Covers an IUD insert for 1 woman

$2500 Covers Peer Educator meetings for 1 year

$5,000 Supports 1 month of STI testing for over 100 individuals

$10,000 Supports 6 months of cervical cancer screenings for over 420 women

$25,000 covers the cost of Bridgercare staff and expenses for one month that are NOT covered by state and federal funding, enabling us to continue providing expert healthcare for over 800 individuals