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Sexual Health Education at Bridgercare

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Bridgercare facilitates a safe space for honest, respectful discussion of sexual health. We accomplish this by providing medically accurate, evidence based, culturally competent, and age appropriate comprehensive information in a compassionate and sensitive manner. Bridgercare aims to empower individuals to make safe and responsible decisions about their sexual health in a number of ways and venues:

  • Puberty workshops for pairs of pre-teens and their parent/guardian/significant adult
  • Sexual health education classes for middle, high school and college students
  • Public health presentations and workshops on a variety of topics such as teen pregnancy prevention, STI prevention, healthy relationships and coercion, sexual orientation and gender expression and much more
  • Collaboration with other youth serving organizations such as Big Sky Youth Empowerment and Bozeman Youth Initiative
  • Peer Education Program – a group of dedicated high school students who receive training to educate their peers on sexual health topics in a variety of venues

 Our Community Outreach Specialist Cami Armijo-Grover will work with you in designing a presentation that fits your particular needs. You can reach her via email at carmijo at or 406.587.0681 ext. 13.

Cami Armijo-Grover, Community Outreach Specialist


We encourage everyone to watch Someone You Love, a moving and informative documentary about the HPV epidemic. Rent it here for only $4! If you want to watch the movie and need help paying for it, please call 406-587-0681 for a scholarship.

Why did you decide to become a volunteer peer educator?

Cole Janssen

I’m most passionate about becoming a wealth of knowledge about sex. I know so many friends who have no clue where to go to get information about sex and sexuality. I think being a great resource for people is beautiful. Bridgercare is a place where everyone is safe. Not only are the people there extremely knowledgeable about the medical side of what they do, but also so kind and accepting of everyone. Being in Peer Ed has helped me gain a new perspective. The group is simultaneously so diverse and like-minded that the environment is very motivating and comfortable. Being with them has helped me think differently about lots of things and becom e closer to some awesome people.” Cole Janssen – Peer Educator



Anna Hatcher


I love that I can inform my peers, settle myths, and that people know that Reproductive Health is something I am passionate about. Sex, despite what many might say, is hands down the most important topic you can learn about. After all, we are all here because of sex. Old people, young people, parents, grandparents, teachers, friends; a lot of people have sex. And it makes no sense for there to be no resources in the community for something that is as prevalent in human nature as sex. There need to be resources in the community for people to be able to be safe and protected, make good decisions, and live healthy lifestyles.” Anna Hatcher – Peer Educator