Health Insurance 101

Like most people, you probably have some questions!    Do I need it?  Having health insurance has traditionally been a way of protecting yourself against unexpected medical bills (similar to car insurance, where you pay for coverage with the hopes that you won't get in an accident, but if you do, you have protection.)  If [...]

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A shot that prevents cancer! A discussion of HPV and the Gardasil shot.

What is HPV? The human papilloma virus (HPV) is a group of more than 150 related viruses. Some types of HPV can cause genital warts while others can cause cancer. In both men and women, HPV can cause mouth/throat cancer and anal/rectal cancer. Men can also get penile cancer. In women, HPV can cause vulvar, [...]

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Bates College “Sex Week”, a new model for the continuation of sexual health education in college?

Maddy Ekey is a Bozeman native and just graduated from Bates College in 2017! After her summer internship with Bridgercare in 2015, Maddy was instrumental in creating "Sex Week" at Bates College, which has now been adopted by the Office of Residence Life and Health Education as an important element of the Health Education curricula [...]

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