Bridgercare Reproductive Health Dictionary

Medical terms can seem foreign and confusing, especially if it’s been a few years since your high school Sex Ed class. Here at Bridgercare, we’ve compiled a glossary of terms commonly used in around the clinic to help you navigate your own reproductive health. Remember, knowledge is power! Cervix - The narrow passage from the [...]

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Give Big Fundraising Champion CHALLENGE!

You can help Bridgercare raise $50,000 in 24 hours! Between 6pm on Thursday, May 3rd, and 6pm on Friday, May 4th, get people to donate $10+ to your Champion Fundraiser page and win sweet prizes: - Raise $250+ and WIN a Bridgercare Corksicle Waterbottle! - Top 5 Fundraising Champions get special awards: -1st Place = [...]

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Bridgercare History Timeline

  Patient Numbers   1970   Title X Family Planning Program was enacted into law.  The Senate passed Title X unanimously, the house voted 298 to 32 to pass the bill, and President Richard Nixon signed it into law. 1972   Clinic opens above Western Drug as Gallatin Co. Family Planning. 1974 Dr. Sipple and [...]

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