For the very last Bridgercare blog of the decade, we thought we’d reminisce on some of the amazing things that have happened for this little clinic in the 2010’s. And it’s all because of people like you, who have been there for Bridgercare every step of the way! Your support has made sure that compassionate family planning services and comprehensive sexual health education are here to stay. Into the roaring twenties we go!

Here are just a few of the big moves you helped us make:

2010 – All federal and state grants made up 27% of the budget (and today, these grants only make up 8%!)

2011 – Name change! The clinic rebranded from Bridger Clinic to Bridgercare.

2012 – Bridgercare began using Electronic Health Records software and NextGen, which allows us to store patient record digitally. We know it doesn’t sound all that exciting…but it means that we stopped using paper charts. Welcome to the future! ?

2014 – The clinic begins to offer colposcopies, a procedure whereby a provider can closely examine the cervix, vagina and vulva for  abnormalities. These procedures are important because they can detect cervical cancer in its early stages so that people can seek treatment as soon as possible.

2016 – Bridgercare started offering Transcare. The clinic can now provide clinic visits, bloodwork, and hormone medication. And it’s all on a sliding fee scale!

2017 – We moved! Bridgercare moves from the Medical Arts Building to our new facility at 1288 N 14th Avenue.

2018 – Bridgercare hired Dr. Melissa Casper, the first Gynecologist on staff in over 10 years!




And finally, in 2019, Bridgercare…

  • Provided 8,794 visits and $358,435 worth of medical services at no cost to the patient through the sliding fee scale
  • Inserted 647 IUDs and Nexplanons (which are >99% effective birth control methods)
  • Provided 1,527 Teen visits
  • Taught 2,782 people sexual health education through the Peer Education Program with HAVEN (That’s a 25% increase from last year!)
  • Now officially owns our clinic! Because of generous donors, we own the facility outright and can serve more patients than ever before.

And there’s a lot in store for 2020… stay tuned!