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Off to College: Tips to Advocate for Yourself

COLLEGE! It sounds like the time of your life, but it can also be nerve wrecking to do things by yourself. I remember my first week of college orientation - I was super excited to start this journey and expected it to be loads of fun. But it didn’t really hit me that I would [...]

2021-08-27T16:46:41-06:00August 27th, 2021|Education and Parent Resources|

Sarah’s Story: Becoming Cancer Free

We are honored to share Sarah’s* story with you today. The name has been changed to protect patient privacy.   ____________________________________________________   My name is Sarah.* I’m originally from Maryland, and have lived in Bozeman for ten years. When I first moved to Montana, I wasn’t sure what to do about healthcare. It can feel daunting [...]

2021-08-18T10:45:32-06:00August 18th, 2021|Patient Stories|

You Took Our Teen Survey – And Results Are In!

We recently asked our teen patients to complete a survey to help us understand how we’re doing and how we could improve. Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our questions – they are truly invaluable in guiding our work and next steps. You’re the BEST! We wanted to share what we [...]

2021-08-03T16:42:32-06:00August 3rd, 2021|Clinic Services|

Inside Out Podcast – A Conversation with Dr. Casper on Covid-19

"We're seeing approximately 250 deaths a day in our country from COVID, and those deaths are about 99% preventable. If those people were vaccinated almost all of them would have lived." Welcome to the Inside Out podcast with Bridgercare, where we give you bite sized content on sexual & reproductive care and lots [...]

2021-08-04T16:45:14-06:00July 20th, 2021|Clinic Services, Our Staff|

Get To Know Our Board (part 1!)

Get to know our amazing Board of Directors! Our board oversees all-things-Bridgercare and makes governing decisions to ensure that our organization stays on track with our mission, strategic plan, and goals. We are lucky to have a fierce team of local champions who are incredibly invested in making sure that EVERYONE has access to compassionate, [...]

2021-06-23T16:41:16-06:00June 23rd, 2021|Our Board|

Top 7 Things You Should Know About STIs

Did you know that according to the CDC in 2018, 1 in 5 people in the United States had an STI at any given time? And almost half of new STIs were among people aged 15-24 in the United States? It’s important to know, first and foremost, that most STIs are curable, and ALL are [...]

Why Men Should Care: Guest Column by Jerry Gossel

We are so excited to share this guest column from Jerry Gossel, a local community member and Bridgercare supporter!   I’m an older guy, actually a really old guy that Bridgercare asked to write a Blog about why I, as a male, care about birth control and why other males should also care. For anyone [...]

2021-05-19T14:01:05-06:00May 19th, 2021|Clinic Services, Humor|

Help DOUBLE Bridgercare’s Educational Capacity!

  First off, thank you for being a such a selfless, community-minded rockstar! Secondly, you understand that Gallatin Valley is experiencing a time of unprecedented growth and we are all feeling the effects. While Bridgercare is able to meet the growing demand for our sexual healthcare services, demand for educational services is quickly outpacing our [...]

2021-05-11T10:24:37-06:00May 4th, 2021|Education and Parent Resources, Fundraising|

Staff Spotlight: Catherine, RN

Hi, Catherine! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I grew up in the Champlain Valley of Vermont. After graduating from the University of Vermont with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I decided to branch out and move to Montana. I’ve worked in several settings including pre-hospital medicine, acute care, surgical oncology, and [...]

2021-04-22T10:13:58-06:00April 22nd, 2021|Our Staff|

The Covid-19 Vaccines: Q & A with Dr. Casper

The Covid-19 vaccine will be open to all Montanans on April 1st! We sat down with our Medical Director, Dr. Melissa Casper, to answer some frequently asked questions about the Covid-19 vaccines.   If I get the COVID vaccine, am I actually getting COVID? None of the vaccines being offered in the U.S. use the [...]

2021-03-30T10:06:03-06:00March 29th, 2021|Education and Parent Resources, Our Staff|

Stay-at-Home Sweet Tooth Ball 2021: A huge success thanks to YOU!

In our wildest dreams, we never could have imagined how you and our whole community would step UP to make sure that sexual healthcare and education were accessible to all during these stressful times! Approximately 275 of you participated this year and raised over $55,000 for Bridgercare's patients in need! WOW WOW WOW! [...]

2021-02-26T14:36:22-07:00February 26th, 2021|Fundraising|

Miscarriage: The Unspoken Experience

I remember the first pregnancy test I ever took. I read the instructions four times (like it’s difficult to pee on a stick) and made myself count to 100 before looking at the results. And there it was - that beautiful plus sign that said I was pregnant. My husband and I had been trying [...]

2021-02-19T15:00:15-07:00February 19th, 2021|Education and Parent Resources|

Every Body Is Enough

As a young girl, I remember standing in the grocery store line looking at magazine covers with bodies plastered on the front, hoping I could look like that one day and as I got older, that comparison became more prevalent through the media I digested. There’s no doubt our culture is body centric, and while [...]

2021-01-08T11:48:19-07:00January 8th, 2021|Education and Parent Resources|

How Risky Is Getting Frisky?

It’s been eight months since the COVID-19 pandemic began and there’s still not a clear rule book on what to do, especially when it comes to sexual and romantic partnerships. Just like with the millions of other things in our lives we’ve had to change this past year, the pandemic has made us look at [...]

2020-12-17T12:47:24-07:00December 17th, 2020|Education and Parent Resources|
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