Patient Numbers  

Title X Family Planning Program was enacted into law.  The Senate passed Title X unanimously, the house voted 298 to 32 to pass the bill, and President Richard Nixon signed it into law.


Clinic opens above Western Drug as Gallatin Co. Family Planning.

1974 Dr. Sipple and Dr. Alvord see patients 1 evening a week.

Moved to 14 S. Willson upstairs.  Name changed to Family Planning of South-Central Montana.

1977 Title X funding was 75-85% of income.

Move to 111 S. Tracy.  Add male “VD Screening” to clinic services.

1982 Became member of the United Way.
1986 2,722 HIV Testing and Counseling Site designation.

Name changed to Bridger Mountain Family Planning, Inc.  First Mother/Daughter workshop.


Clinic gets first computer!  Holds first Sweet Tooth Ball.

1990 3,612 Move to Medical Arts Building at 300 N Willson Ave.

Appointed STD Screening Site and sent out first Fundraising Letter.

1993 4,218  

Name changed to Bridger Clinic, Inc. and United Way Funding denied.

1996 Began billing Third Party Insurance.
1997 4,721  

CMX, original electronic patient management system, initiated.  Clinic celebrated 25th anniversary.

2000 5,112  

Clinic began accepting credit cards and had internet access for the first time.

2002 6,181 Budget exceed $1M mark.

Bridger Clinic adopts the patient management system, Ahlers, and starts requesting income verification.

2006 5,838 Upgraded phone system.
2010 5,732 All federal and state grants = 27% of budget.
2011 5,398  

Bridger Clinic rebranded to Bridgercare and purchased Electronic Health Records (EHR) hardware.

2012 5,459 Bridgercare started using EHR software, NextGen, and discontinued using paper charts.
2014 5,083  


Board restructure from fundraising to governing; Start offering Colposcopy; ACA Mandate starts

All federal and state grants = 21% of budget. Completed 1st Strategic Planning.

2016 4,910 Bridgercare started offering Trans care.
2017 5,004  

Bridgercare moves from 300 N Willson Ave to new facility at 1288 N 14th Ave.


Bridgercare hires first GYN in over 10 years, Dr. Melissa Casper, and completed 2nd Strategic Planning.  Stay tuned for exciting, new clinic services!