Thank you everyone who participated in Give Big 2017 to support Bridgercare! It was successful beyond our wildest dreams and we want to share some exciting news:

  • Bridgercare was 2ND PLACE OVERALL in total raised…$36,830.92!
  • Bridgercare was 1ST PLACE in  total donors (226 individuals) during the 24 hours of Give Big, winning us a $1000 prize!
  • 98% of those donations were less than $45 and 46% were less than $20.
  • BIG shout out to our top 5 Fundraising Champions: Emily Allison, Rebecca Ripperton, Chloe Georgeton, Heidi Makoutz, and Mariah Donohue.

EVERY donation made a difference for us! Without all those $10 and $20 donations, we wouldn’t have won the highest donor prize. Our staff, our board, and most importantly, our clients are very grateful for your hard work and generosity on our behalf.

Lastly, here are some Give Big donor quotes about what motivates each of you to support us:

  • This is why I love Bozeman. The women that work here are absolutely amazing. This is an extremely important organization that I will forever support! – Karynne
  • Women’s healthcare–and access to it–is important. Bridgercare is important. Never more so than in our current climate. You guys do great work. I’m proud to support you. – Bjorn
  • Thank you for openly caring for and educating teens in our diverse community. – Sabrina
  • Bridgercare helped me discover that I had severe dysplasia on my cervix and without their services, I was at high risk for developing cervical cancer in the coming years. Thanks to them, within 2 months, I’d gotten a LEEP and have been cleared ever since! – Kayla
  • Women’s issues are everybody’s issues… and health should not be a financial decision! – Anonymous
  • I love you guys! Thank you for keeping reproductive health care approachable and affordable. – Hillary
  • BridgerCare was there for me when I needed them most!! – Rachelle

THANK YOU for being amazing Bridgercare Advocates!!!