**Please note** Teens are encouraged to schedule an appointment ANYTIME, not just during Teen Clinic! While Teen Clinic is completely free, fees are based on income so there is a very good chance you will still pay little to nothing at all at an appointment outside of Teen Clinic. Every visit is completely confidential. Can’t make Teen Clinic? Schedule your appointment here!


Calling all teens! Teen Clinic is for YOU. (And nope, Covid-19 will NOT get in the way of Teen Clinic. No way. We’re here with you, no matter what!) It’s totally free, entirely confidential, and first-come-first-serve!

Our goal is to make sure that you have respectful, nonjudgmental, compassionate care here for you, whenever you need it. We will listen to your needs and work with you to figure out what is best for YOU. Why? Because you deserve the tools you need to take control of your own sexual health, plan for your future, and have support to work towards your dreams!

So let’s break down what Teen Clinic is all about, shall we?



This weekly clinic is held every Monday from 3 PM to 5 PM (so you can call as early as 2:45 to get on the schedule). It’s exclusively for teens through age 19 and for teens of ALL genders and sexual orientations. It’s first-come-first-serve, so you don’t have to make an appointment ahead of time. Our lobby is currently closed due to Covid-19, so just call from outside when you arrive to the clinic and the friendly Patient Care Coordinator who answers the phone will give you more details from there.

Please note that because it is “walk-in”, it is possible that the all appointment slots will book up. It’s always a good idea to arrive as early as you can for this reason. However, we can always get you on schedule within the week if you can’t make it to Teen Clinic!

Bridgercare is here to help with:

  • Birth control
  • Emergency Contraception (“The Morning After Pill”/Plan B/Ella)
  • Condoms
  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs)
  • Any questions related to your reproductive, sexual and preventative healthcare
  • Concerns with your period (pain, cramping, spotting, heavy flow)
  • Infection checks (like yeast infections, UTIs, BV)
  • Pregnancy tests and all options counseling
  • Annual Wellness Exams for all genders (intersex, trans, women, men)
  • Depression and anxiety help
  • Connecting you with resources if you are experiencing sexual abuse or assault



To make sure that cost is doesn’t get in the way of your healthcare, visits during Teen Clinic are 100% free of charge. But just a heads up, we will ask you two questions about money during your visit:

  1. We will ask if you have insurance and if you are comfortable submitting your visit to insurance. Submitting your visit to insurance helps Bridgercare pay for your free services, BUT if you don’t want your parents to know you came to Bridgercare, have other privacy concerns, or don’t have insurance, that is ok! You do not need to provide any insurance to us if you don’t want to.
  2. Don’t be surprised when we ask if you would like to donate at the end of your visit. We are a nonprofit and we ask ALL patients we see if they want to make a donation to support Bridgercare. You do not need to donate at all, or you can give $5, $10, or more… any amount helps everyone in our community get care they need.

Lastly, teens are encouraged to schedule an appointment ANYTIME! Fees at Bridgercare are based on income, so it’s likely you will still pay little or nothing for an appointment outside of Teen Clinic.


It’s Confidential!

100%. We will never share any of your medical information or even confirm that you’re a patient with someone unless you have authorized that specific person to discuss your care. Your privacy and confidentiality is our priority.

In Montana, the law says that minors have the right to access sexual healthcare without the consent or notification of their parents. That means you can start a birth control method, get tested for STIs, or access other services at Bridgercare without parents (or anyone else) knowing.

That being said, it’s totally understandable if your parents or guardians are worried about you. That’s their job! We encourage you to talk to them or other adults you trust about your healthcare and choices when you’re ready.



And okay, we know the title of this is misleading… we know this probably doesn’t tell you EVERYTHING you want to know about Teen Clinic! Check out this page with Teen Clinic FAQs and helpful websites here.

Just remember: we’re here for you rain or shine, and to make sure that you have the tools you need to take care of your health and make the decisions right for you. Please give us a call at 406-587-0681 anytime during our business hours with ANY questions or concerns you have. We would love to hear from you!