Here at Bridgercare, we offer services for people of all genders! The clinic is a welcoming space for who those who are transgender or gender nonconforming, and your name and pronouns will be used as you direct.


What is an appointment like? What if I’m not in Bozeman?

Wherever you are in Montana, Bridgercare is here with you! Bridgercare is now providing expert care via Telehealth. This is where you have a virtual visit with your provider using video + audio from your phone or computer. You can get the care you need while you’re comfy on the couch!

For certain services, we may ask you to come into the clinic or go to your local lab. Your provider will let you know next steps and measures to keep you and the staff the safe during an in-person visit.


What services does Bridgercare provide?

Bridgercare provides services for patients all genders. This includes STI testing and treatment, reproductive infection treatment, vaccinations, birth control consultations, PrEP prescription, pregnancy testing + all options counseling, annual wellness exams – and more! If you are interested in gender affirming hormone care, Bridgercare can provide these visits virtually as well.


What should I expect during a hormone therapy appointment?

During a hormone therapy appointment, your provider will discuss methods of transitioning. Together, you’ll review risks and benefits of different courses of action, changes that are reversible and which are irreversible, expectations, lifestyle changes, and what to expect at future physical exams.

Your provider can review resources in the community, support systems, referrals for surgery, and prescribe and renew prescriptions. If you are undergoing hormone therapy, your provider may recommend blood tests to assess hormone levels and your body’s reaction to the medication. If you don’t live near Bridgercare, your provider may ask you to have your blood drawn at your local lab.


What about cost and insurance?

Services are provided on a sliding fee scale, meaning fees are based on your household’s income and size. The sliding fee scale applies regardless of whether you have insurance – speaking of which, we accept patients with or without insurance or Medicaid! We can also assist you in determining your options for insurance and applying for Medicaid. For remaining balances, we offer payment plans and will work with you to make sure your healthcare is affordable and accessible. Please call if you have questions about cost, we would love discuss options with you!


How do I make an appointment?

To schedule, please call the Front Desk at (406) 587-0681. Please call with any questions or concerns, too. We look forward to hearing from you!