Get to know our amazing Board of Directors! Our board oversees all-things-Bridgercare and makes governing decisions to ensure that our organization stays on track with our mission, strategic plan, and goals. We are lucky to have a fierce team of local champions who are incredibly invested in making sure that EVERYONE has access to compassionate, affordable reproductive healthcare and evidence-based sexual health education.

They are truly rockstars, so we wanted to make some formal introductions (because formal introductions include your favorite weird food preference, right?) so you can get to know them, too. 🙂



Pronouns: She/Her

Generation: Millennial (begrudgingly)

Years on the board: 1

Job: Real Estate Assistant. Ekam Studio Manager and general Coordinator of Chaos

Favorite part of being on the board: Connecting deeper with our community and being part of the evolution of Bridgercare and the positive change it enacts.

Wish people know about Bridgercare: That if you have insurance and come to Bridgercare you can help pay for someone else’s visit just by doing your normal annual!

Non-Work Hobbies: Jumping and competing my amazing horse Herschel

Weird Food preference (ie something you love that is weird/gross/uncommon or something they hate that everyone else loves): When I was younger my dad used to make us sandwiches which consisted of… a poppy seed bagel with ketchup and lays BBQ chips. It’s tastier than it sounds!!



Pronouns: He, Him, His

Generation X

5 years on BoD

Job: Assistant Teaching Professor (MSU)

Favorite part of being on the board: Being a part of an institution that provides excellent

care and does good work

I wish more people knew how warm, welcome, inviting, and judgment free Bridgercare was

Non-work hobbies: paddling, trail running, cycling, guitar, hanging with my pup!

Strange food preference: Spicy everything!!!



Pronouns she/her

Generation millennial

# of years on board 2?

Job Real estate agent

Favorite part of being on the board Hearing about all the incredible things Bridgercare is doing before it’s widely known

One thing you wish more people knew about Bridgercare How amazing all the staff members are

Non work hobbies Hiking, horseback riding, dancing

Your strange food preference: I eat like a 5 year old and feel no shame about it.



Pronouns. – she/her/hers

Generation – X

# of years on board – 5

Job – Math Professor at MSU

Favorite part of being on the board – advocating for safe, affordable reproductive and sexual healthcare for all and getting to know some amazing strong women (everyone at Bridgercare!) in the process

One thing you wish more people knew about Bridgercare – Peer Educator program is leading the next generation toward healthier relationships and better reproductive health, one young person at a time

Non work hobbies – hiking, skiing and yard work

Your strange food preference (ie something they love that is weird/gross/uncommon or something they hate that everyone else loves) – a glass of buttermilk with corn bread crumbled up in it.  You eat it with a spoon!  It’s an old favorite in my little country hometown back in Virginia

*special note on photo – this is Lisa’s “”Do you really expect me to share my food with you?  I don’t think so!” pic and we are impressed!


Stay tuned for part 2 with Mason, Alicia, Bill and Emma! 🙂