Sexual Health Education at Bridgercare

Bridgercare facilitates a safe space for honest, respectful discussion of sexual health. We accomplish this by providing medically accurate, evidence based, culturally competent, and developmentally appropriate comprehensive sex education in a judgement free environment.

We love to work with individuals, schools, and community groups! To set up a presentation or workshop tailored to your needs, email our Education Director, Cami Armijo-Grover, at or 406.587.0681 ext. 113. 

Bridgercare empowers individuals to make safe, responsible decisions about their sexual health. To learn more about the need for comprehensive sex education in Montana, click here.

Most of our education is done in schools and with community organizations (like Big Sky Youth Empowerment and Youth Dynamics), with the help of our high school Peer Education Team! This team of 18 dedicated high school educators has one goal – educate their peers on sexual health and healthy relationships. This program is co-facilitated with HAVEN and gave 46 presentations during the 2018-2019 school year, teaching 2,361 youth from Kindergarten through college! More info here.

We also offer education for individuals, families and community groups including:

  • Puberty workshops for kids of all genders: These workshops are an opportunity for youth ages 8-11 and their adult to learn about the physical, emotional and social changes of puberty and how to better support youth emotionally during this transition.
  • Beyond the Birds and the Bees Workshop: Designed for youth ages 12-15, this workshop includes an inclusive discussion of anatomy, STIs, consent, birth control, healthy relationships, and the difference between gender, sex assigned at birth and sexual orientation.
  • Parent Education: Ideal for families with kids of all ages, these workshops help parents solidify their own values around sex and effectively talk with their children in an age-appropriate way. It’s never too early to talk to your kids about their bodies, love, sex and relationships. After all, if you don’t teach them about these things, who will?
  • Have an idea?! If you have a group of youth or sports team that would like to learn about a specific topic, call us! We’re always happy to work with you to tailor our education to your needs!

To ensure that our workshops and classes are accessible to everyone, they are always free, though donations are welcome.

To set up a presentation or workshop tailored to your needs, email our Education Director, Cami Armijo-Grover, at or 406.587.0681 ext. 113. 

Meet Cami!

Cami Armijo-Grover has been the Education Director at Bridgercare since 2015. Cami’s favorite part of her job consists of co-leading an empowered (and empowering) team of teenage Peer Educators with Haven. This group focuses on training youth from kindergarten to college on issues pertinent to sexual and reproductive health and healthy relationships. In their free time, Cami and the Peer Educators can be found answering questions like “How do you convince a friend who has had many partners to get STI testing?” “Is it okay to not ever have sex?” “How big is the average American penis?” and “I’m attracted to everyone, literally everyone. What do I do?”