Mary Cook- Family Nurse Practitioner

Bio: I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Montana State University in 2002.  I moved to Washington and earned my Master of Science in Nursing from Pacific Lutheran University.  I spent several years working in an OB/GYN clinic and discovered my passion for reproductive health.  I am so excited to have moved back to Bozeman with my husband and two children.

Why did you choose to enter the medical profession?

I love caring for people and helping them lead healthy lives.

What are some common misconceptions you hear from patients?

Women often think that a Pap smear was done at the emergency room, or urgent care.  A pelvic exam might have been done, but a woman may still need a Pap smear to screen for cervical cancer.

What are some helpful hints or practices you do in your own life to improve your physical and mental health?

After having two children, I realize that sleep is so important.  Many of us have such busy lives that we neglect to get enough sleep, but it is so sessential for our overall health.

What is the most important thing Bridgercare does for patients and the community?

We provide excellent healthcare in a nonjudgmental, caring atmosphere.

How do you want a patient to feel after a visit with you?

I want patients to feel valued, heard, and like they received the best possible care.