We are honored to share Sarah’s* story with you today. The name has been changed to protect patient privacy. 



My name is Sarah.* I’m originally from Maryland, and have lived in Bozeman for ten years.

When I first moved to Montana, I wasn’t sure what to do about healthcare. It can feel daunting to find a new provider that you like and a place you can afford. As a healthy, young person, going to the doctor didn’t feel like a pressing priority. However, I was due for an annual wellness exam, so I booked an appointment at a place I’d heard about called Bridgercare.

When I went into the clinic, I didn’t expect my life to change.

I figured I would ask a few questions, get prescriptions renewed, have my blood pressure taken, and be on my way.

At Bridgercare, my provider was doing a routine physical exam and she noticed a small lump in my thigh. I hadn’t thought much of it, but she referred me to a specialist and insisted that I go see them immediately. Although I assured her I would, I forgot about it after I left the clinic and continued with my new, exciting life in Bozeman.

Days passed, and making the phone call to the specialist kept slipping my mind… After all, I was young and felt fine. How urgent could it really be? But my provider at Bridgercare called to check in with me. And then she called again. Her persistence actually started to make me nervous about the lump in my leg. While always kind and never judgmental, she kept checking in on me to see if I had made that appointment.

Finally, I did.

It was during my first visit to the specialist that I learned that I had an extremely rare, very aggressive form of cancer.

I was 25 years old.

The months that followed were incredibly challenging. I went through treatment and did my best to navigate a confusing medical system. I had to learn complicated, scary terms and fight for my life. My main goal was simply to get through the day.

Today, I am an owner of a small business in Bozeman. I am cancer free. I have a family I love. I am proud to be a part of this community.

I am thriving, and it is because of Bridgercare. Had it not been for that caring, persistent provider, I wouldn’t have had the support I needed to make my own health a priority and make that call.

If I hadn’t gone to Bridgercare, I might not be here today. For the last ten years, I’ve seen how this local clinic demonstrates the highest standards of care for every person who comes through their door. As attacks against reproductive healthcare continue, I am proud to champion their critical, lifesaving work. Thank you for supporting Bridgercare, and by doing so, lifting up our entire community!

 *Name has been changed to protect patient privacy.