To schedule, select your visit reason below.  Please note that some appointments, including requests for Dr. Casper, are available by phone only at this time.  Call us at 587-0681 if you have questions or don’t see the appointment you need.

Arrive 15 minutes early for check-in for all appointments! If arriving later, we may be unable to see you.  Please note: your appointment is not confirmed until you received a text confirmation of the date and time.  

Annual Wellness Exam (annual exam and RX renewal, women & men)

Annual Wellness Exam 45+ (annual exam and RX renewal, women & men 45 years and up)

Medical Visit (UTI, vaginal infection, STI screening or treatment, breast exam, Birth control (if you are due for your annual exam please schedule this appointment), emergency contraception, other reproductive health counseling)

Limited English (Translation Services Needed)

IUD Removal(removal only)

Nexplanon Removal (removal only)

IUD/Nexplanon Insertion, Next Depo Shot, Pregnancy Test, Gardasil Call 406-587-0681 to schedule.  Online scheduling not available

More information on visit types and payment can be found here.