Trichomoniasis (often called “trich”) is a common, curable sexually transmitted infection caused by a protozoan parasite.

Signs & Symptoms

Trich usually infects the lower genital tract or the inside of the penis, but approximately 70% of people don’t show any symptoms. If symptoms do appear, they can appear five days to years after exposure, and can range from mild irritation to severe inflammation. Other symptoms include itching or irritation in the genitals, burning after or during urination, discomfort during sex, and a change in discharge.

Testing and Treatment for Trichomoniasis 

Trich is usually tested through a gentle vaginal swab or a urine sample, and can be cured with oral medication. It can be prevented by condom use, but because the parasite can infect areas that are not covered by condoms, it does not provide full protection.


If you are having symptoms of infection or if you were notified that one of your partners tested positive, we recommend being seen as soon as possible to receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Bridgercare offers sliding scale fees and appointments are available Monday through Friday.