Stephanie McDowell, Executive Director

Tracie and Shannon are available in the billing department for questions about balances, collections, and insurance.

Support Staff and MAs

Our Patient Coordinators Lauren, Anna, Jenna and Maddie are here to help check you in and out, schedule appointments and provide information about Bridgercare and financial assistance programs.

Medical Assistants Tonya, Jen, Tori and Bella will get your appointment started.

Outreach and Fundraising

Emily can answer questions about Bridgercare events and fundraising.

Emily Allison, Development Director Email me! eallison–at–

Breann Pogh, Program Coordinator

Education Staff

Cami and Morgan can answer questions about community outreach and health education.

Cami Armijo-Grover, Education Director Email me! carmijo–at–

Morgan Comey, Education Specialist
Email me! mcomey

Board of Directors 

About Us