We recently asked our teen patients to complete a survey to help us understand how we’re doing and how we could improve. Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer our questions – they are truly invaluable in guiding our work and next steps. You’re the BEST!

We wanted to share what we learned from your insights. Here are 5 key takeaways:

  1. Who took the survey? 42 women, 5 men, and 1 nonbinary patient took our survey. 70% survey respondents were either 18 or 19 years old, and about half filled out the survey when they came in during Teen Clinic (our weekly walk-in clinic where teens can receive services totally free of charge!).
  2. What can we do better? 80% of you said there was nothing – wow!! 3 folks said we should expand days & hours of Teen Clinic, and 3 said we should advertise more. This is so helpful!!
  • While we don’t have immediate plans of changing Teen Clinic hours at this time, we want to make sure that teens know that you can come to Bridgercare any time, not just during Teen Clinic. And with our sliding fee scale, it is likely you still qualify for discounts based on your income. If you ever have questions or want to clarify how our discounts work, give us a call! We can go over all this info to make sure that even if you can’t make Teen Clinic, you can still get the care you need.
  • As for your advertising suggestions, we’re on it! Hopefully we’ll even see you on TikTok soon 😉
  1. How easy or difficult is it to get services at Bridgercare? 39% spoke to the helpfulness of the staff, 29% loved how fast we get people in, and 29% said it was really easy to schedule an appointment.
  2. How did you hear about us? 55% of respondents heard about Bridgercare from a friend, 35% from family, 26% from a Google search, and 22% from Peer Educators. All other channels were less than 10%. That really goes to show that word of mouth is so key – thank you for everyone who’s told a friend, family member or random stranger about Bridgercare! 😉
  3. We are so grateful that you choose to trust us with your care. On a scale of -100 to 100, we scored 94, which is truly an honor. Here were a few quotes that absolutely made our day from asking What is Bridgercare good at?:
  • “Being a safe compassionate place to go to, it feels like a judgement free place.”
  • “Very friendly staff! I was very impressed and had a perfect visit! Everything was good to be honest.”
  • “Patient care and understanding. They are also amazing at giving you resources outside of their own work to help you with whatever you may need.”


Again, a huge thanks to everyone who took the survey! And if you ever have feedback (whether you’re a teen or any age) we would LOVE to hear from you. Shoot an email over to Emily at eallison@bridgercare.org with any thoughts on how we could improve or how we can make getting care at Bridgercare as easy and empowering as possible 😊