Bridgercare Patients Served in 2020

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Priceless care you can afford.

We give every patient the keys to reproductive wellness: evidence-based knowledge, compassionate care, and unconditional support.


Family Planning

Every child deserves to be wanted and loved. Every parent deserves to be willing and ready to take on the awesome responsibility of raising a family.


Standards of Care

We believe that every patient deserves excellent, compassionate care regardless of their economic circumstances. Every patient deserves to make their own health decisions based on medically accurate information and will be respected and supported in their decisions by Bridgercare providers.

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Health Education

Every youth has a right to comprehensive sexual health education. Comprehensive sexual health education needs to be age appropriate, medically accurate, science-based, culturally competent, non-judgmental and inclusive of all sexual identities, orientations and gender expressions.



Bridgercare is a non-profit reproductive healthcare facility that has been providing services for women and men of all ages since 1972. We serve south central Montana, and our visit fees are based on patient income and family size.