No one can deny that the Gallatin Valley has changed (a lot) in the last few decades. Population has grown by about 20,000 since 1995, and Bozeman is now ranked the fastest-growing area of its size in the nation. Montana State University has drawn attention nationally and globally- in 2018, 46% of students were out of state. Every town in the Valley has been growing and day-to-day life is a bit more bustling in this Montana metropolis.

Not to mention, Bridgercare back then was known as Bridger Clinic. An unknown individual who worked at the clinic in the mid-nineties took the initiative to create several remarkable pamphlets, each titled 101 Ways to make Love Without Doing It, in The Gallatin Valley, offering suggestions for how to spend quality time together in Bozeman and beyond. Some of their suggestions remain relevant, like “discuss controversial issues” or “try on wigs.” Others, however, have become outdated in recent years, such as “Look for videos or Cd’s at Hastings” and “Have breakfast at the Stockyard Café (☹). In the spirit of celebrating Valentine’s Day, we drew inspiration from these publications and made our own list of ways to “make love without doing it” in 2019 around our Gallatin Valley!

  1. Ice skate at Beall Park
  2. Rollerblade the Headwaters Trail System
  3. Cross country ski in Hyalite
  4. Sweat it out at Hot Yoga
  5. Slackline in Lindley Park
  6. Play golf
  7. Watch the sunset by Story Mill
  8. Discover a new hot spring
  9. Cheer at a Gallatin Roller Derby bout
  10. Listen to each other’s favorite podcast
  11. Take a class at the Makerspace
  12. Kayak on the reservoir
  13. Float the Madison
  14. Fly drones
  15. Go the Escape Room
  16. Get massages
  17. Donate blood
  18. Thrift shop at Sack’s
  19. Make an outrageous Instagram story
  20. Listen to Big Band jazz on Sunday’s
  21. Eat samples from Costco for lunch
  22. Ride the gondola at Big Sky
  23. Feed the ducks at the pond
  24. Find the funniest filter on Snapchat
  25. Feed fish at the Fish Technology Center
  26. Sled down Peet’s Hill
  27. Make homemade sushi
  28. Go to comedy at the Rialto
  29. Star gaze on Mount Ellis
  30. Skijor with a dog
  31. Facetime a faraway friend
  32. Belt out a love song at karaoke
  33. Picnic by the Gallatin River
  34. Skydive the big sky country
  35. Reorganize the furniture
  36. Watch a scary film from Movie Lovers
  37. Pick out a vinyl at Cactus Records
  38. Go the Bozeman Doc Series
  39. Wander around the Winter Farmer’s Market
  40. Ride through the car wash
  41. Skateboard at Livingston skate park
  42. Take your dogs up Sourdough
  43. If you ski, try snowboarding
  44. If you snowboard, try skiing
  45. Ice fish on Ennis
  46. Motorboat around Canyon Fairy
  47. Frolf
  48. Watch all of the Lord of the Rings in one go
  49. Learn chess
  50. Do homework
  51. Try out life drawing
  52. Try an ambitious recipe
  53. Bake a cake
  54. Read a book aloud
  55. Barbeque in Missouri State Headwaters Park
  56. Volunteer (there’s so many places!)
  57. Perform at open mic
  58. Join Bridgercare Peer Ed
  59. Knit a sweater
  60. Go galactic bowling
  61. Volleyball at Bozeman Beach
  62. Curate a Spotify playlist for each other
  63. Play pool at the MSU SUB
  64. Order for each other at a restaurant
  65. Get a tattoo
  66. Pet animals at Heart of the Valley
  67. Have a dress up party
  68. Run a radio show for KGVM
  69. Look at baby pictures of each other
  70. Make a music video
  71. Go to a ghost town
  72. Rock climb on Practice Rock
  73. Ice Climb on Palisade Falls
  74. Floss your teeth
  75. Listen to a lecture at MSU
  76. Take the back roads
  77. Identify wildflowers
  78. Analyze clouds
  79. Browse a local book store
  80. Visit the Computer Museum
  81. Swim laps at the Swim Center
  82. Go kickboxing
  83. Learn the area’s history at Gallatin History Museum
  84. Rock hound
  85. Mushroom hunt
  86. Watch improv at the Verge
  87. Give aerial yoga a shot
  88. Soak in the Boiling River
  89. Spin tracks for KGLT
  90. Pick up litter
  91. Fly a kite
  92. Roll in the snow while hot tubbing
  93. Practice a language on DuoLingo
  94. Meditate
  95. Canoe the Jefferson River
  96. Vote
  97. Skip rocks at Bozeman Pond
  98. Slide down the stairs in sleeping bags
  99. Hug
  100. Swing dance (country or jazz)
  101. Get tested for STIs at Bridgercare

No matter what you do, we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! <3