Bridgercare provides pregnancy testing and resources.  Bridgercare doesn’t provide pregnancy termination, prenatal care or adoption services.  We will provide a complete list of resources and a pregnancy confirmation form at a positive pregnancy test visit.  You will then need to access care to terminate or continue your pregnancy with another provider.  Please arrive prepared to leave a urine sample.

Pregnancy Resources 

If your pregnancy is unplanned, you may have many feelings and be unsure what to do next. You can make your decision privately, or with the help of others: your partner, your parents, a close friend or a counselor.

Whether or not you choose to continue your pregnancy, you should arrange care as soon as possible.

  • All Families Healthcare, Whitefish, MT   (406) 730-8682
  • Bedsider / Online resource for birth control & pregnancy
  • Blue Mountain Clinic, 610 N California St, Missoula (406) 721-1646
  • Bozeman Birth Center, 601 West Villard Street, Bozeman 406-585-0752
  • Bozeman Health Women’s Specialists, 905 Highland Blvd #4440, Bozeman 406-414-5150
  • Bozeman OB-GYN, 905 Highland Blvd, Bozeman 406-587-9202
  • Community Health Partners Belgrade (406) 924-5754   Bozeman (406) 585-1360  Livingston (406) 222-1111  West Yellowstone (406) 646-9441
  • Florence Crittenton Home for Young Mothers, 901 N Harris St, Helena, (406) 442-6950
  • Livingston OB/GYN, 320 Alpenglow Lane Livingston, MT 59047 (406) 222-0800
  • Lutheran Adoption Services of Montana, 141 Discovery Dr Suite 117, Bozeman  (406) 586-2486
  • Open Adoption and Family Services, Nationwide Hotline 1-800-772-1115
  • Planned Parenthood of Montana [Billings, Helena, Missoula, Great Falls] Helena: (406) 443-7676  All locations: 1-800-230-7526

Financial Assistance:

Food Stamp Programs offer monthly benefits based on income. Medicaid offers coverage for medical costs based on income. Women, Infants, Children (WIC) offers nutrition support.

  • Gallatin/Madison Office of Public Assistance, 12 North 3rd, Bozeman (406) 582-3010
  • Gallatin County WIC Office, 215 W. Mendenhall, Bozeman (406) 582-3100
  • Park County Office of Public Assistance 220 E. Park St, Livingston (406) 222-8000
  • Park County WIC Office, 1313 W. Park St, Livingston, (406) 222-4189
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