Hi, my name is Remy and I’m a Peer Educator for Bridgercare and Haven! I am also a Sophomore at Park High School in Livingston (Go Rangers!), a proud member of the Varsity soccer team, and a part of the Green Initiative Environmental Club. When I am not at school, I ski as much as I can in the winter and I also like to relax by painting and making collages.

I am writing to you today because we have the chance to do something great for our local teens, and I need your help. To be honest, I am worried about some of my friends and classmates at our local high schools.


I remember in middle school, one of my friends told me you couldn’t get an STI if you had sex in water.

During my freshman year, I overheard a boy in my English class telling his buddy that drinking Mountain Dew lowers your sperm count.

This year, I listened to a teammate tell their best friend that if she just jumps up and down after having sex, she won’t get pregnant.


Peer Ed is ready to tackle these harmful myths, but we can’t do it alone. Peer Ed doesn’t have enough money to make it through the whole school year. We need another $30,000. Luckily, we have a local donor who is going to match up to $15,000! Will you please give today by clicking here?

For many of my friends and peers, sex ed in the classroom is the only time they learn about birth control. It’s when they hear ways to stay safe and healthy when they become sexually active. It might be the only place they get a lesson about what a healthy relationship looks like.

Unfortunately, sex education is at the bottom of the priority list for our overwhelmed school districts. COVID is still deeply affecting all of us, especially our teachers and school administrators. Most do not have the capacity to also fight for inclusive and comprehensive sex ed on top of everything else.


But I am ready to take on this challenge! I know firsthand how important sexual health, healthy relationships, and consent education is for me and my peers.


If students don’t get accurate information now,  it could have  consequences that affect us for the rest of our lives.

Without access to comprehensive sex ed, more of my peers could experience an unplanned pregnancy, get an STI, or find themselves in an unhealthy relationship.

They might also believe a sexual assault was their fault.


It doesn’t have to be that way. But I need your help.

This year, young people in crisis may not have the support they need. Decisions that we make in our teen years can determine the trajectory of our entire lives. That’s scary to think about, especially if we haven’t gotten the quality sexual health education we all deserve… education that’s honest, comprehensive, and supportive.

Your gift today will accomplish all of this and will be matched dollar for dollar… think of the impact your gift will make!

Even though we don’t know what the school year has in store for us, Bridgercare’s Peer Education team is hard at work to make sure our local teens aren’t left on their own.


Our government refuses to fund sex education, and our schools can’t prioritize and support it right now… But YOU have the power to make sure it isn’t left behind.


Bridgercare’s Peer Education program costs $45,000. We have a significant shortfall due to increasing demand for this education in our growing valley. That all comes on top of the complications of teaching during a pandemic.


We need you to make sure sexual health education and Peer Educators don’t disappear from your community, which desperately needs them.


For $25, you cover the cost of 12 puberty kits, which are bags of info and supplies (like pads and tampons) that we give out during workshops on puberty.

For $100, you cover the cost of a lesson on boundaries and consent for one middle school class.

For $225, you cover the cost of two weekly Peer Ed meetings.

For $900, you provide a 3-hour sex ed class for all freshman at Belgrade High to learn about anatomy, birth control, STIs, and consent.

I need to continue educating mv peers and local high school students throughout the region!


Thank you for being there for me and all our local young people. Sex education is often seen as controversial, but you know that education is power.

By making a gift here to our Peer Education team by October 15th, you ensure that I will continue teaching other teens and that high quality sexual health education is the norm rather than the exception in our community. You have the chance to change lives (including mine!) and I hope you will invest in our teens now to ensure a bright future for our whole community.


Your fan,


P.S. As a Bridgercare Peer Educator, I know how important sexual health education is for people my age! You can give students like me the chance to graduate high school, be healthy and active, travel, find a rewarding job, dream big, and have a family if and when we are ready. Your gift at this link by October 15th will be matched and will lift up our local teens, which is so amazing! And makes you amazing t00 😊