Sue Dolan – Physician Assistant

Bio: I graduated from Montana State University with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. I spent the first ten years of my career working with patients battling substance abuse addictions and mental health disorders.  I returned to school in the Northeast and graduated with my Masters in Physician Assistant Studies.  My husband, two children, and I moved back to Bozeman in 2014 to enjoy all that Montana has to offer.  I am excited to be part of Bridgercare and have the opportunity to provide evidence based medicine to women of all backgrounds.

Why did you choose to enter the medical profession?

I chose to study medicine because it is a great privilege and a humbling experience to be able to help people when they are at their most vulnerable. The ethos of medicine really appealed to me. I wanted an altruistic career where integrity is important.

What’s a specific health topic you’ve been researching or getting training for over the last year?

Women’s Health

What are some common misconceptions you hear from patients?

Bridgercare is a reproductive clinic focused only on younger patients.

What are some helpful hints or practices you do in your own life to improve your physical and mental health?   

Make time for yourself everyday despite all the outside noise experienced throughout the day.

What is the most important thing Bridgercare does for patients and the community? 

Provide affordable healthcare to patients.

How do you want a patient to feel after a visit with you?

The patient comes out of the visit with the feeling that they were heard, valued and respected.