A few weeks ago, we asked you for your feedback, thoughts and ideas in the All Things Bridgercare survey. Thank you to all 86 of you who took the time to fill it out! We know survey fatigue is real, so thank you for pushing through the exhaustion for Bridgercare. AND even if you didn’t have the time or mental inertia to do our survey this time around, please take a minute to read our main takeaways below. They are actually quite interesting (in my opinion, but I am a cat person so…) and it might prompt you to think of more feedback you can pass along to Bridgercare. We want to be seriously awesome all the time and to become that, we need you to tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly… bring it on 😉


Without further ado, we are excited to pass along the Top 10 Takeaways from Bridgercare’s Survey Spectacular: 


1. You feel safe accessing care during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is music to our ears!

2. You aren’t totally sure what services we provide in normal times and what services we are providing right now during the pandemic. Great news for you is that we are providing ALL of our services now! Bridgercare is full steam ahead 🙂 Here is a list of all the services we provide and updates on our COVID appointments. Summary: most visits are in person, but we can still accommodate many appointments via telehealth if you prefer or it is necessary. Also, don’t forget that Bridgercare provides flu shots and you can get yours today! Schedule here or call 406-587-0681 🙂

3. You like getting a juice box after your IUD insert. Bridgercare Spa at your service 😉

4. You support Bridgercare’s efforts to be anti-racist and many of you believe that starts with individual work and staff recognizing our own biases. We wholeheartedly agree! Update on this: Our staff are doing a training in October with Sister Song, the leading organization for Reproductive Justice in the US. Love them and support them!

5. You gave us specific examples of when we could have done better. And you gave us the grace to serve you again and grow from these missteps. Thank you!

6. You want more people to know that by choosing to get your healthcare at Bridgercare, your visit can help pay for someone else who couldn’t otherwise afford care! Too good to be true?! No way! Math never lies (I also love maths). If you schedule an appointment at Bridgercare and pay at your fee level and/or bring your insurance to Bridgercare, your visit helps the clinic earn money and support other patients on our sliding fee scale. Giving by getting a pap smear… magical.

7. You want people to remember that just because we are in the middle of MANY pandemics (Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, wildfires specifically, climate change generally, the election of our lives… what am I forgetting? Are you breathing into a bag yet?), we should NOT stop taking care of our physical and mental health! We couldn’t agree more! We strongly encourage all people to take care of their health and practice self care, so you can live your best life and be strong for those relying on your during these tough times.

8. Speaking of mental health, y’all want us to do more in the realm of mental healthcare… SO DO WE! We are actively looking to hire an Licensed Clinic Social Work (LCSW) or a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). Apply here! 

9. You want more people to know that Bridgercare isn’t just for young people AND isn’t just for people who identify as women! Like they say, age is just a number…  so if you are post-menopausal and relatively healthy and simply need an annual wellness exam, Bridgercare has got you covered! We welcome all ages and genders at our clinic 🙂 We are especially honored to serve the 37 trans patients who chose to come to Bridgercare last year! Each of you is what makes the fabric of our Bridgercare community so bright, interesting, tight knit, and scrappy.

10. You want us to have our own YouTube channel or TikTok to continue educating during the pandemic! Points for creativity 😉 But seriously, a lot of your want to see us dance… TikTok might be hard at this point, but our Peer Educators are already working on video so stay tuned!


Thanks everyone and please email Emily (eallison@bridgercare.org) if you have any other questions, thoughts, feedback, funny YouTube animal videos… we love hearing from you!