Bridgercare staff and board know in our hearts and through our historic actions that the needs of our local BIPOC community have never been a central focus of Bridgercare’s mission. This is unacceptable and we are committed to an organization-wide and ongoing effort to educate ourselves and embody all that it takes to be an anti-racist organization. We recognize that this work is constant and ongoing – that we will continue to make mistakes and that we will never “arrive” at the end of this journey.  We hope you will support and join us in this work! May we move forward together with humility and let those closest to the injustice guide us in these efforts.

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Bridgercare’s First Commitment to Anti-Racism Work (June 3, 2020)


Bridgercare’s Efforts to Date: 

July 2020 – All Bridgercare staff take online Anti-Racism training through the Diversity and Resilience Program at the Institiute of El Paso.

October 2020 – All staff do reproductive justice Zoom training with Sister Song.

December 2020 – Bridgercare contracts with DEIJ consultant Christopher Coburn to establish next steps and creates a staff committee to spreadhead these efforts.


Resources for All:


“How to Be an Anti-Racist” by Ibram X. Kendi

“One Person No Vote” by Carol Anderson

“White Supremacy and Me” by Layla F. Saad (a workbook)

“Reproductive Justice: An Introduction” by Loretta Ross

A Man Was Lynched Yesterday – The Inhumanity of Whiteness” by Meshayla Cox

Unintentionally, I was Still Raised to be Racist: Constructed Fear, White Fragility, and How I
Keep Engaging” by Erin Monahan

*If you are interested in more recommendations, please reach out! We have more suggested readings. Please email Ann at for more info.



13th (Netflix or on Youtube for free here)

Just Mercy (Find more info here)

Somebody’s Daughter (find screenings here)

Teaching hard lessons: American Slavery (10 video series here)

The Urgency of Intersectionality (Ted Talk recording here)



Justice in America, Episode 1: Justice for the Rich, Money Bail

Scene on America, Season 2 Episode 6: That’s Not Us, So We’re Clean


Follow, Donate, and Get Involved Locally:

Montana Racial Equity Project

Hopa Mountain

Black Students Union at MSU

Bozeman United for Racial Justice