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Annual Gratitude Report 2021

So many folks in our community have shown up for Bridgercare in SO many ways over this past year! We present to you our 2021 Gratitude Report so you can see all you helped make happen during this unprecedented time. Click through the PDF below to view the full report!

Here are some of our favorite takeaways:

  • Despite 2021 being a year of challenges and uncertainty, you helped us provide more services than ever before on a sliding fee scale, offer the Covid-19 vaccine, and hire a second educator!
  • We saw over 9,400 visits, with 55% of visits receiving a discount on the sliding fee scale
  • You helped us provide no-cost mental health care to patients! We’ve seen nurses who’ve been at the frontlines of the pandemic, service workers who’ve faced over a year of constant confrontation, young parents struggling to keep up with rising rent prices… you made sure we could break down barriers to mental health care by providing these services at no charge, right here in the clinic.
  • Our team taught 1,471 people comprehensive, nonjudgmental sex ed!
  • And so much more!! Read through the full report by clicking through the PDF below.
2021 Gratitude Report – blog


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