Annual Gratitude Report 2018


In 2018, Bridgercare…

  • Provided 10,535 visits. 18% of those were teen visits, and 46 were trans* visits. 80% of all patients received a discount on the sliding fee scale, which provided $324,716 worth of medical services at no cost to the patient.
  • Taught 3,707 people sex ed and provided over 120 hours in peer education! The education Bridgercare provides is medically accurate, developmentally appropriate, based on current best practices, and culturally competent. As Clare Hendricks says, “Being a Peer Educator has changed the way my friends treat me. They see me as a safe resource and I now feel capable to deal with all situations. I feel like I can be open with everyone and they can do so with me in return.”
  • Provided 549 visits during Teen Clinic (the free, walk-in, confidential clinic on Mondays between 3-5:30 pm, just for teens).
  • Developed LGBTQ+ Healthcare Allies Training. This training provides education to anyone who works in a healthcare setting in providing LGBTQ+ affirming care, and Bridgercare is proud to offer this training in the community.
  • Welcomed Dr. Melissa Casper as our Medical Director! Dr. Casper brings her tremendous experience as an OB/GYN and has expanded services at the clinic. These services include genetic cancer counseling and testing (BRCA), gynecological ultrasound, infertility counseling, and LEEP procedures for cervical cancer prevention.
  • Ensures that our services are affordable, accessible, nonjudgmental, and educational. As Todd Mason, donor and Help Center board member, said: “My family and I believe passionately in the importance of accessible health care for the entire community. I love seeing Bridgercare grow. It reassures me that southwest Montana supports the organization’s mission and goals. We will always support organizations that benevolently provide choice, privacy, and access to all Montanans.”

And we couldn’t have done it without you! Take a look at our Gratitude Report to learn more about the past year at Bridgercare.

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